Yogic Artist
Lady Namastizzle

1st Black Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher in the Northern California

"I'm just a Indica Girl, in a Sativa World" - Lady Namastizzle

Image by Tim Goedhart

The Science of Cameology

Cameo has always been an eclectic artistic soul & her yoga classes express that! Yoga became an artistic expression & a peace she had never known before. Believing in the alignment of the mind, body, spirit & the stars. She was Yin Yoga Certified before committing to the 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program at the College of San Mateo. While enrolled she was struggling to find her place in yoga at Barnes & Nobles one day, Dee Dussault “Ganja Yoga” book jumped out at her & her perspective shifted. Three Certificates in hand & this was how Lady Namastizzle came to be. 

The Mission; Is to spread the awareness that "health is wealth" has many forms! To be a Trail Blazin Yogi, an advocate & the representation of weed wellness in the Yoga World as eclectic and eccentric as I wanna be for our Holistic Natural Elevation!​

As an Artist; Absolutely over the “Flow” classes. She was never a go with the flow type of lady in the first place. She says, “How could I be myself soul searching & having to go with the “flow”,  it was only feeding my body & not my soul! My artistic beast needed more, she deserved more. Inspired to create my own lane & theme for all my classes! After all I am a;"


A Mary Jane Smoking 💨

Cannabis Tea Drinking🍵

Crystal Tote'n 💎

Sea Moss Taken 🕸️

Vibe Read'n 🔮

Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher 🌱

Yin & Hatha Yogini 📿📿📿




*RYT 200Hr

*Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher

*25Hr Yin Yoga Immersion

*Yoga for the Female Pelvic Floor Workshop


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"Breathe in thru the nose as the belly fills up with air. Breathe out thru the mouth & miss me with the bullshit!"

Erykah Badu (Yogi)