Yogic Artist
Lady Namastizzle

1st Black Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher in the Northern California

"I'm just a Indica Girl, in a Sativa World" - Lady Namastizzle

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The Science of Cameology

The Mission; Is to spread the awareness that "health is wealth" has many forms! To be a Trail Blazin Yogi, an advocate & the representation of weed wellness in the Yoga World as eclectic and eccentric as I wanna be for our Holistic Natural Elevation!​ Believing in the alignment of the mind, body, spirit & the stars.

Cameo has always been an eclectic artistic soul & her yoga classes express that! Yoga became an artistic expression.

As an Artist; Absolutely over the “Flow” classes. She was never a go with the flow type of lady in the first place. She says, “How could I be myself soul searching & having to go with the “flow”,  it was only feeding my body & not my soul! My artistic beast needed more, she deserved more. Inspired to create my own lane & theme for all my classes! After all I am a;"​

A Mary Jane Smoking 💨

Cannabis Tea Drinking🍵

Crystal Tote'n 💎

Sea Moss Taken 🕸️

Vibe Read'n 🔮

Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher 🌱

Yin & Hatha Yogini 📿📿📿


*RYT 200Hr

*Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher

*25Hr Yin Yoga Immersion

*Yoga for the Female Pelvic Floor Workshop


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