Lady Namastizzle's
Canna-Self Care

Hella Easy at home plant body care, As our bodies are made to intake Cannabis thru our Endocannabinoid system.  A plant body is a glowing body.

Image by Jonas Dücker

Canna-Coconut Oil Pulling

1 tbsp Cannabis infused Coconut Oil for 15-20 minutes before brushing

"Canna that oil Recipe"

"You, Can Pull that Sh*t"


CBD & Seamoss Face Mask

~1 tbsp of CBD oil

~2 tbsp of Seamoss gel

Everything in a small bowl & stir 

Mix, Apply & Set 15 to 20 minutes, Rinse.

Moss Glow-Up

Natural Beauty Products

Ganja Hair Treatment

~25 Mg CBD oil or tincture

~1/2 Cup Organic Coconut milk

~1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive oil 

~1 Large or 2 Small Soft Avocado 

Adding everything to the blender, Blend. 

Apply to clean dry hair & make sure to apply it all throughout hair.

Leave in for 1 hour, rinse.

Ganja Goddess

Hair Masque


Cannabis Oil Hot Treatment

1tbsp CannaOil or Hemp Oil

massage in scalp, put a hot towel on top & cover it with a shower cap


Grease the scalp & 

Use a Face Steamer to steam your hair

Get Steamed Up

Image by Karlis Reimanis

Cannabis Soap

~1/4 cup of CannaCoconut Oil

~1/3 cup of liquid Castile soap

~8  coconut & favorite essential oil 

~1 teaspoon of vitamin E

warm the CannaCoconut oil until is has melted, Add the vitamin E and essential oils

Now add in the liquid castile soap slowly & stirring gently

Namastizzle Clean

Image by Monika Grabkowska

Cannabis Body  Exfoliate

~Essential oil of choice 

~2 tbsp Brown sugar

~2 tbsp Canna-coconut or hemp oil

~Or 4 drops CBD oil

Mix together but add the drops of CBD oil last. Apply to skin, sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse

Blend if you see fit to take out rough sugar crystals.

"I  Want Sum

of  Your

Brown Sugar"


Pushpaputa Mudra

translated means a "handful of flowers" symbolizes the openness of mind & soul.


I am a Spiritual Being

I am Grounded in Alignment with the Earth

I am of the Flowers & the Treez

That I Burn & Blow into the Breeze

I am the Frequency​

"Medicated Meditation" - Lady Namastizzle