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Fire & Desire

 *All Levels  

Saying Goodnight to the Desires of the Moon & Good Morning to the fires of the Sun.

(This class substitutes savasana for meditation & mudra)

Flavours of Yoga

*All Levels

We base our choices on our senses and we often only use a few at a time.  Connecting the senses to the movement, we will use them to connect to our flavor of practice.

What's your flavour? 

Gratitude with Attitude 

*All Levels

Making the time to say thank you to you for just being, never giving up on yourself & just showing up for you.

"Love upon yo damn self!"

Vibrant Thing

*All Levels

"Alexa, play Vivrant Thing by Q-Tip"

The intention of this class is to make you feel vibrant, self vibrant as you are alive and ready for conscious ascension


Online only* this is a full Wall Yin class* all levels

Do you wish you could still go in timeout? Let's get into some good trouble & ride out in "Time Out"


*Energy Exchange*



SuperMoon Pop-Up

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Smoke Upon A Mudra


$33.30 - $55.50


Class Library 

$33.30 (locally)

Custom Class created for you

$55.50 (locally)


Let's Chill

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Gratitude, Ase'