"Smoke Upon 

A Mudra"

w/ Lady Namastizzle

Align your frequency with Intentional Plant Elevation in a sacred way based on your style or event needs.

(1:1 or Minimum Group event of 4 people)


Pushpaputa Mudra translated means a "handful of flowers" symbolizes the openness of mind & soul.


Try'n Smoke Roses?

I've teamed up with Cali Green Gold Lifestyle  to offer you a luxurious deal on your own smoke-able art of Rose Petal Cones 


Lady Namastizzle


Medicated Meditation

I am a Spiritual Being

I am Grounded in Alignment with the Earth

I am of the Flowers & the Treez

That I Burn & Blow into the Breeze

I am the Frequency

-Lady Namastizzle