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Melanated Mala's are created with intention for representation of the Kemetic Roots in Yoga & Meditation.

For Melanated people to feel connected to meditation & understand the valuable use of the tool. 

In Yoga Mala Beads are used for to help the mind focus on meditation, mantras or affirmations in sets of 108 repetitions. 

(108 is a sacred & mystical number weaving throughout the universe, nature, science, intention-based faiths, human body design & modern day culture.)

A guru bead or 109th stone connects the sides, symbolizes gratitude & our connection to the divine. In Melanated Mala's the Guru beads are represented as a Cowrie Shell. Which have always been highly valued by African cultures used in religious rituals, as protective amulets & up until the late 19th century they were even used as money.

Untitled design (27).png
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